Currently Obsessed vol.1

Currently Obsessed - flatlay of journal with pen, flowers ,and laptop

Are yall into the Instant Pot?  My Mom gave me one she got from a lady in her building that justs buys stuff from infomercials all the time but doesn’t use them. Crazy right?! It sat in the box for months cause I thought they were just for soccer moms, but after a few of my favorite food bloggers raved about how much time they save I went ahead and pulled it out the box.  I heard they are great for beans, so I figured id give it a test run for new years for my black-eyed peas. Honestly, they had me at no pre-soak needed, but when I put them in dry and set it to 40 minutes only to receive perfectly tender and delicious black eyed peas…. I knew I could never go back. I’ll probably be back with some of my favorite recipes because this thing is a GAME CHANGER.

One of my friends recently had a baby shower and included books in her registry. I thought it was so cute that I ended up getting this Afrobets 1,2,3 book for her AND my youngest goddaughter.

I thought this book Little Leaders Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison was a must have for a young person’s collection, so I snagged this one for my older goddaughter. I’m lowkey jealous, so I may cop one for myself!

I love Nicholle Kobi’s artwork and have a few pieces around the house. I would get a few more but the way my budget is set up I thought it would be awhile before I had anything else from her. Luckily, she has come up with a calendar that I snagged on Amazon.

This cold weather has been straight up disrespectful to my skin, but this Norweigan formula of hand cream from Neutrogena has restored me from a life of embarrassing ash.

I finally feel like my lungs are being my friend so I’m easing back into gym life and that new Bruno Mars Finesse remix ft. Cardi B. is in constant rotation along with that N.E.R.D Lemon with Rihanna.

I’ve also been listening to the audio version of Jen Sincerno’s  You’re a Badass book.  I didn’t use to think self-help books were my thing, but she got me all types of pumped up and ready to take 2018 by storm.  2017 wasn’t all bad, but overall it sucked MAJORLY for me so this kick in the pants to keep going is just what I needed.

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