Currently Obsessed vol.1

Currently Obsessed - flatlay of journal with pen, flowers ,and laptop

Are yall into the Instant Pot?  My Mom gave me one she got from a lady in her building that justs buys stuff from infomercials all the time but doesn’t use them. Crazy right?! It sat in the box for months cause I thought they were just for soccer moms, but after a few of my favorite food bloggers raved […]

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Exploring New Orleans: The Whitney Plantation

Inside an actual slave cabin at the Whitney Plantation museum of slavery - FREETOBEBRI.COM

During my recent trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, I wanted to get off Bourbon street and get a feel for the entire area.  Ive always been one to explore the history of place, especially the African diaspora and its effect on the culture.  In searching for things to do and people to see, I happened on the idea of a […]

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