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In case you missed it – Packing for Yacht Week Part 1 was all about carrying the right type of bag that will fit on the boat. This is especially important for those trips that don’t allow rolling bags.

Now let’s get right into Part 2 – exactly what you need to put into that fancy new bag of yours.

We’ve already touched on  Carry-On Essentials so let’s get started with the clothes.

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Packing For Yacht Week – Clothes

2 Swimsuits plus a cover-up – You are going to want at least two, so you can have one drying while you wear the next.


2-4 Dresses or rompers

2-3 shorts

2-3 tops

1 pair of pants

1 comfy outfit – workout gear

pair of socks

Dress up outfit with shoes

Swim shoes/flip flops/sandals

Sleep clothes – crucial for coed boats



Packing For Yacht Week – Accessories




waterproof phone pouch

selfie stick

waterproof bag

Nausea/ Motion sickness meds just to be safe

spf lip balm

Waterproof makeup

card or small game

bluetooth speaker


air freshener

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QTNA – Questions to ask before Yacht Week

What is the wifi situation? Sometimes hotspots for each boat are included or available for purchase in your package. Make sure you dont forget to add this in if the thought of being disconnected for that long is not acceptable.

Can I buy a sim card? If wifi is not an option or you also want to be able to have the comfort of phone service while you are lanside, look into the possiblity of getting  sim card.  Sometimes you can get these at the airport when you land in a country, but you can also order these before you leave.

Is snorkeling gear included? Floaties are pretty common, but what about other watersport activities.  You will on the water for quite some time, inquire about snorkeling gear or other ways to enjoy yourself in the water.

How do I handle alcohol?  Should I bring it, ship it, buy it at the port? More than likely you are going to want to have plenty of alcohol during your yacht week experience.  Make sure you know the rules and best practices.  You should also talk with your shipmates to coordinate if possible.

Will there be themed days, ie, white party? Themed days are common on Yacht week trips, make sure you are able to participate and are dressed appropriately.  If possible coordinate with your shipmates.

Should you bring a flag for the boat? Many people bring flags to display on their boats representing their country, organization, or even their college.


Have you done a yacht week? Which company and/or route do you think is the absolute best?


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