Tips on How To Survive A Long Flight

Tips On How To Surive a Long Flight - how to prepare for the long haul, #travel


So the time has finally come, you’re about to hop on the flight to your dream trip.  You’ve given everyone at work the deuce, and you’re just a flight away from paradise…. only that flight or flights (eek!) is like 8, 10, or good lord 16 hours!  I know you’re flipping out, especially if you’ve got anxiety, but calm down I got you.  Here are my tips on how to survive a long flight.


How To Survive A Long Flight - FREETOBEBRI.COM

Plan out your in-flight entertainment

Most airlines these days have good in-seat entertainment for long flights. You can pretty much expect to have movies, tv shows, and music selections right there in front of you, but I would caution you to have a backup plan.  You don’t want to rely on that, get on a full flight, and find out your seat is the one with the broken screen. I’ve seen it happen, its a total blower.

  • Download the app for your airline, because some of these new age planes expect you to bring your own device to watch their movies or other selections.
  • Fire up Itunes, Amazon, Netflix, and even YouTube to download some of whatever floats your boat. I generally bring a mix of books, movies, and music to keep it interesting.  If you want to switch it up, they have adult coloring books that I hear work great for those with anxiety.  I hollered when I saw one called Calm The F*ck Down.  If you’re into podcasts, then this will be a great time to get caught up on you’re faves and explore some new ones.
  • Make sure you have some headphones.
  • Ensure your gadgets are fully charged just in case you don’t have an outlet at your seat.

Stay Hydrated

  • Consider bringing an empty water bottle. Bringing water is a no-go, but most airports have machines to fill water bottles now after you clear security.
  • You should be doing this anyway, but make sure to drink plenty of water before and during a long flight.  It’s an overall good look, but this is especially important if you plan on partaking in some of those lovely in-flight libations.  Your skin can get dry up there in that recycled air, so staying hydrated keeps the blood flowing and the muscles from cramping.
  • Speaking of blood flow, you should also rock some compression socks to help with that and reduce swelling. I didn’t use to wear them, and let me assure you the swelling can get a bit ridiculous!
Swollen feet after not wearing compression socks -How to survive a long flight - FREETOBEBRI.COM
Bri did that, so hopefully, you don’t have to go through that.


Get Comfortable

  • If you plan on getting some of that good R.E.M. sleep, throw a neck pillow and some earplugs into your bag.  The more you want to sleep, the closer the crying baby will be to your seat, it’s like a rule.
  • Bring sleeping pills if you think you might need help summoning the sandman.
  • Grab a jacket or a blanket if you know you are the type to get chilly on the plane. Airlines generally provide thin ones but if you have a fave, bring it along.
  • Pack anti-bacterial wipes to sanitize your area, no one wants to pick up the cooties on the way to their dream vacation.

Don’t slack on the snacks (or the dranks)

  • If you’re like me, then no one has to tell you this, but for the rest of you, make sure your snack game is proper.  You might not like what they serve on the plane, and you are stuck like Chuck for a long time before you can do anything about that.
  • Stock up on your favorite bars, candies, chips, nuts, and of course gum to help pop those ears.
  • For those of you who like to partake in the spirits, make a trip to the liquor store and stock up on a few of those mini bottles.  You can put those in a clear ziplock bag just like the rest of your liquid carry-on items and get lit for a lot cheaper.



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