This Is The BRI-Mix – July

Stage setup for On The Run Tour II by Beyonce and JayZ- OTRII at FedEx Stadium #OTRII



We’ve come to the end of yet another month, and I swear July JUST started, however here we are. This month had some super awesome moments and some super low ones. As you can probably guess, last weekend I made an appearance at one of the Washington, DC stops of Beyonce and JayZ’s On The Run II Tour. Beyonce puts on a show like no other and OTRII was definitely a good one. I feel like she didn’t dance full out as much as she has in the past, but that’s actually pretty normal for a concert; she has just always set a higher standard. The fusion of both their hits was so good, and JayZ def added some goodness to the show despite all the hate he’s been getting.

Beyonce at On The Run II - OTRII at FedEx Field for Washington, DC stop #OTRII

For those of you eagerly anticipating your turn in the United States, you probably want to pay attention to the bag rules for your venue. Since you will be most likely going to an NFL stadium, you should be aware of their bag policy. I caution you now about buying an expensive bag to match your outfit if it is not the size of your hand or clear as those are the only options you have. It is the same as if you were going to a regular football game, style be damned. Here are a few options if your clear bag game is lacking.

Sunday I headed to Old Town Virginia to test out the brunch situation at Magnolia’s on King. They don’t offer unlimited mimosas, but the Spicy Crab dip as a starter was delicious. I went with the Shrimp and Grits for my entree, and it didn’t disappoint. From what I understand they’ve changed the sauce recipe in the past few months, so there is pork sausage in there for a more Louisianna feel. Great for me, but kind of a blower to my friend who was excited about the dish only to be let down since she only eats seafood.

Magnolias On King, Old Town Virginia southern shrimp and grits #foodie #brunch

On the Lupus front, I recently found out that I will probably be on Cellcept for a few years. I had no idea this would be a long-term solution for me since there are some pretty significant side effects for this drug. In addition to the apparent problems with weakening my immune system for so long, there’s the increased cancer risk, and the 25% chance for birth defects if I make an error with birth control. Fun times. I decided a trip to Nordstrom for their Anniversary Sale was good retail therapy. This is the last week before they revert back to the regular prices, have you bought anything?

I also got some new products (complimentary) to test out for a review. These are new and are called Marc Jacobs Hydrating Lip Gloss Sticks. They’re pretty cool, you apply them like a lipstick since its thicker like one, but it does have a gloss finish. Uh Huh Honey 558 is my fave so far.

How was your July?

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