Currently Obsessed vol. 2

Currently Obsessed - flatlay of journal with pen, flowers ,and laptop

Its officially Black History Month so I’m allowing myself to act up more than usual.

The Black Panther premiere was this week, and everyone is saying that the movie is excellent.  I mean I already bought my ticket, so I was going regardless, but I’m glad it’s looking like I will enjoy it.  You guys I am super hype about this movie, and I’m not even a big Marvel fan.  Have you purchased your tickets yet?

Nike finally did it; they got me to lust after some freaking Jordans. There’s an equality line that I think is all around dope, but the BHM segment with the colors of the Pan-African flag reeled me right on in. First of all, I have a cutoff of $100 for shoes, so the fact that these 2018 BHM Nikes start at like $150 has me wanting to pass out.   I am starting to come around to buying them cause I make an effort to support brands who cater to us.  The KICKER is that even if I broke down and tried to pay the ridiculous price  I probably wouldn’t get them anyway cause these shoe freaks are focused and … I don’t see the smaller sizes.  Perhaps the lord works in mysterious ways to save my budget.

Nike Equality 2018 Black History Month Jordans 1 Black Green Red Flyknit

Anybody having people over for the Super Bowl?  I was one of those who threw the NFL in the trash this season, but ever since I found out that people on both sides were boycotting, I am less pressed. Regardless of whether or not I watch, I am loving all the snack and wing recipes currently floating around the web.

If you don’t do wings or you just don’t feel like cooking (story of my life), Chipotle is offering free delivery from Postmates this weekend for the game.

DJI announced the new Mavic Air, and I want it NOW!!! Like I had to stop myself from pre-ordering, and now that EVERYBODY has one (ok no one I know in real life but all my fave YouTubers) I’m sitting at home salty cause I don’t have a valid reason to get it.

DJI Mavic Air Drone in BlackWhat are you currently obsessing over?

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