This Is The BRI-Mix – July

Stage setup for On The Run Tour II by Beyonce and JayZ- OTRII at FedEx Stadium #OTRII

    We’ve come to the end of yet another month, and I swear July JUST started, however here we are. This month had some super awesome moments and some super low ones. As you can probably guess, last weekend I made an appearance at one of the Washington, DC stops of Beyonce and JayZ’s On The Run II Tour. […]

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5 Tips to Coast Through Your Whole30

5 Tips To Coast Through Your Whole30 | FreeToBeBri.com

So you’ve made the brave decision to embark on a Whole30 journey. People end up doing the Whole30 for all types of reasons; perhaps you have some food sensitivities, want to finally give up sugar, or just want to drop a few pounds the “right” way.  I’m not going to lie to you, although all three apply it was the […]

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