This Is The BRI-Mix – July

Stage setup for On The Run Tour II by Beyonce and JayZ- OTRII at FedEx Stadium #OTRII

    We’ve come to the end of yet another month, and I swear July JUST started, however here we are. This month had some super awesome moments and some super low ones. As you can probably guess, last weekend I made an appearance at one of the Washington, DC stops of Beyonce and JayZ’s On The Run II Tour. […]

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Exploring Kenya: Visiting a Maasai Village

Visiting a Maasai Village - Young Maasai warrior doing the jumping dance FREETOBEBRI.COM

Although the majority of the time I spent in Kenya was in the city of Nairobi, I was fortunate enough to get away from the hustle and bustle long enough to experience the traditions of the Maasai people. The village I went to was recommended by our driver from our Maasai Mara Safari visit. Visiting a Maasai village has been […]

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Exploring Cartagena Colombia: El Tutomo Mud Volcano

Exploring Cartagena, Colombia: El Tutomo Mud Volcano - FREETOBEBRI.COM

If you  have ever looked for things to do in Cartagena, Colombia, then you  have probably discovered something called El Tutomo Mud Volcano on the list. And before you ask, yes its a real volcano with a mud bath instead of hot lava.  The story seems to be that it was once filled with hot lava, but a preacher thought it […]

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