This Is The BRI-Mix – July

Stage setup for On The Run Tour II by Beyonce and JayZ- OTRII at FedEx Stadium #OTRII

    We’ve come to the end of yet another month, and I swear July JUST started, however here we are. This month had some super awesome moments and some super low ones. As you can probably guess, last weekend I made an appearance at one of the Washington, DC stops of Beyonce and JayZ’s On The Run II Tour. […]

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Spring Has Finally Arrived!

It's Finally Spring and im ready for a quick wardrobe refresh FREETOBEBRI.COM

  There are plenty of people who really enjoy the winter season, im just not one of them.  I don’t need it hot year round, but you can miss me on the artic temperatures, the snow, and certainly the ice.  This winter was pretty mild overall, but those wild days where it would be 70 degrees one day and then […]

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Manicure Monday: Chrome Nails

Rose gold chrome acrylic stiletto nails with rhinestone accent

Its seems like everywhere I turn I see another fire set of chrome nails. A few months ago Gigi Hadid gave the trend a major boost into mainstream media by rocking them to the 2016 Met Gala. At first, it seemed like only the pros were having all the fun, but now its pretty easy to buy the powder and […]

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