Tips To Prevent A Cold Or Flu

Tips to prevent cold and flu

I’m going to kick this post off with a Public Service Announcement: that hawk is OUT! Cold and Flu season is upon us, and unless you have your game plan in place, you might don’t make it. And let’s be real, nobody wants to waste their sicks days by actually being sick. Since we are cool like that, I’ve compiled a set of tips to prevent a cold or the flu so you can make the best of your PTO.

Avoid People With A Cold or Flu

I know I know, it sounds like an unnecessary tip, but it needs to be said because this is where a lot of people trip up. Don't go around shaking everybody's hand; friendy Bobs get sick all the time. Click To Tweet

I know you love your baby, boo, bae, hubs, etc. but keep them at arm’s length whenever possible. Obviously, if the person sick lives in your home, especially if it’s your child you can’t completely avoid them, but keep your distance. Don’t share a cup, plate, fork, or toothbrush. Wash everything in hot soapy water or use the dishwasher. Give them a separate space, arm them with their essentials, and wipe down everything with some disinfectant.

Get a Flu Shot

My doctor gives me the talk every year because for some reason I don’t want to get it, but the flu shot is tried and true. They have different kinds, and it’s updated every year to combat the most popular strain or strains of the virus.

Tips to prevent cold and flu - give your body the proper fuel to ward off viruses

Be Kind To Your Body

Flu season is not the time to missing sleep, do your best to get as much rest as possible. Try to exercise and keep stress levels low. You would also do well to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the mix to help your immune system go to war. This next one might hurt a little bit….. try to limit your alcohol intake.

Wash Your Hands

It’s really that simple. The cooties are EVERYWHERE. Just think about the number of doorknobs, elevator buttons, and tabletops you touch all day. Keep hand sanitizer on deck and avoid touching your face. I was just reading an article about an experiment where they just swiped grocery cart handles. Viruses and bacteria that cause the flu, colds, and pneumonia were on the majority of the carts. E. coli KEPT making an appearance… the shit is real out in these streets.

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