Carry-On Bag Essentials

Pack your carryon bag like a pro with this checklist - FREETOBEBRI.COM

As someone who has done her fair share of traveling, ive found that a well packed carry-on bag is key to making sure your flight is the best it can be.  You can get away with not being on your A-game with a short flight, but a long flight can be the worst if you are not prepared.  I love kids, but a teething baby sitting next to you for the next 8 plus hours is not how you want to be reminded that you forgot your noise cancelling headphones.  Learn from my mistakes people and get into this list.

Travel like a pro with this essential carryon checklist - FREETOBEBRI.COM

Screenshot it, Pin it, or Download it HERE to have when you need it. What are you must-haves for a long flight?

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