Exploring Sydney, Australia: Bondi to Coogee Walk

Walking the coast of Sydney

The Bondi to Coogee walk was one of those activities that consistently came up when researching or asking people about things to do in the Sydney area, and I can certainly see why.  Talk about views, the whole trail is gorgeous, but there were a few things I wish I would’ve been a little bit more clear on before embarking on my journey.  First, when I heard the walk described as breathtaking I assumed it to be because of pretty sights, but for someone that is not in tip top shape, the trail was literally breath-taking. This is not some leisurely walk around the park, its 6 km.  For those of you Americans that are not super familiar with the metric system like myself, that means we are tapping on 4 miles here in that below the equator sun. I visited at the end  of February, early March and it was still in the mid 80s.  It should also be noted that this walk is not all flat terrain, there are cliff walks involved and steep steps.  Its totally doable by most, but be aware.  Luckily, there are benches and even water fountains to save you along the way.  If you don’t make it they even have a cemetery! (Totally kidding about you not making it, but there really is a cemetery)  Lets just say I NEEDED a dip in some water by the time the mission was complete.

Here are a few tips:

  • Bring a bottle of water   – MAJOR KEY
  • Comfortable shoes – you’re basically hiking 4 miles, you can switch to flip flops later
  • Sunblock – its not a game out there guys, be prepared
  • Phone/Camera – its not a must but there are sights you want to share here
  • Music/Audio Book – if you’re like me you’ll need a soundtrack to motivate you if you’re solo
  • Beach gear – once you make it you’re gonna want to lay out for A MINUTE



Have I convinced you that you need to go yet? If so its really easy from the Sydney area. I actually took a city bus  from Circular Quay to Coogee beach for what translated to a couple of dollars USD.  The buses run about every 30 minutes and I went to Coogee to start since I wanted my finale to be on the famous Bondi beach.  The walk has its own website with more info to help you on your way, click here


Exploring Sydney, Australia Bondi to Coogee Beach FREETOBEBRI.COM
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