Exploring Colombia: Street Art Cartagena

Three Afro Latina women depicted in street art in Cartagena Colombia

In early 2017 I came up on a deal flight to Cartagena, Colombia and quickly hopped on it. Cartagena is naturally beautiful, but the architecture, people, and rich culture secured its place on my bucket list.  I’ve heard the Spanish was different in Colombia and they were NOT lying, but plenty of people speak English and Google translate helped with […]

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Exploring Cartagena Colombia: El Tutomo Mud Volcano

Exploring Cartagena, Colombia: El Tutomo Mud Volcano - FREETOBEBRI.COM

If you  have ever looked for things to do in Cartagena, Colombia, then you  have probably discovered something called El Tutomo Mud Volcano on the list. And before you ask, yes its a real volcano with a mud bath instead of hot lava.  The story seems to be that it was once filled with hot lava, but a preacher thought it […]

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